Friday, June 20, 2008

A brochure for dissemination purposes have been published.

The brochure is composed of a general informative folder containing some specific leafs.

The leafs contain the description of relevant areas addressed by SOCRADES, the objectives and in the future the results accomplished.

The main area addressed are:
• Ad-hoc networking services platform and Service-oriented Architectures
• Wireless sensor/actuator networking infrastructure                                                  
• Enterprise Integration
• System Engineering & Management

A leaf containing SOCRADES Objectives and expected results is also available. Instead another leaf with the results accomplished by the project will be prepared by the end of the project.

This brochure has been designed in order to be scalable. In the next months it will be possible to add more leafs on specific topics that may need a more detailed description.


Marco Taisch, Alessandro Cannata, Marco Gerosa (Politecnico di Milano)

SOCRADES_brochure_f.pdf (11590 Ko)