Deliverable D6.2: Integration concept of non Web Service enabled devices

Thursday, January 18, 2007

D6.2 focuses on the integration of non web service enabled devices in enterprise systems. We analyze the motivation and restrictions behind not putting web services on every device, and examine service bridging concepts and technologies that will enable their seamless integration. The initial concept and architecture of D6.1 has been revised and extended in order to fully address the whole range of devices.


Stamatis Karnouskos (SAP), Patrik Spiess (SAP), Luciana Moreira Sa de Souza (SAP), Oliver Baecker (SAP), Domnic Savio (SAP), Moritz Köhler (SAP), Vlad Trifa (SAP), Harm Smit (SE), Francois Jammes (SE), Antoine Mensch (SE), Günter Starke (APS), Paul Drews (APS), Radmehr Monfared (LBORO), Robert Harisson (LBORO), Mario Thron (ifak), Thomas Bangemann (ifak), Jose Lastra (TUT), Marco Gerosa (POLIMI)

Version: Final
IST-5-034116-D6.2.pdf (2861 Ko)