ANNEX A: Initial Questionnaire Form - 1st Release Exploitation Plan

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify and collect information from SOCRADES partners and experts in a first step. Targeted audience of this document includes senior managers and senior experts in marketing, sales and R&D of the industrial partners within the SOCRADES consortium mainly. It will allow to check the individual priorities of partners and the consortia in terms of exploitation and dissemintation as well as to define and determine dedicated and consistent planning for dissemination and exploitation activities in order to generalize SOCRADES results and to define roadmaps even towards other markets and industries. Expected results are focused on a first consolidation of roadmaps and activities, to summarize the initial expectations of partners and their customers, to develop a description of SOCRADES business and customer perspectives and to identify impacts in current supply chain positioning while actiong as either SOCRADES technology supplier, integrator, end user or even whole saler. The major sections defined within this document: - Priorities in the scope of SOCRADES seen by the individual partner - Application of SOCRADES technologies - Potential individual activities in the area of dissemination and exploitation - Individual profile of company/person interviewed



R. Neubert (Schneider Electric)

M. Taisch (Polimi)

Version: Final
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