M19-25 (Reports)
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The folder includes the following deliverables:

D1.4 (Trend screening report 2), Letter from WP3 Leader (request for a postponement of D3.3), D5.1.1 (Releases Notes for DPWS C stack component), D5.2.1 (Releases Notes for Model-based Orchestration Engine Orchestration Tools), D5.3.1 (Releases Notes for WS-Management component), D5.4.1 (Releases Notes for Agent-based Decision-making System - Early Prototype ), D6.4 (First prototype implementation of Enterprise Integration Architecture), D9.1d (Dissemination Plan 24PM Update), D10.1c (SOCRADES Exploitation Plan (3rd Release))+Annex B to D10.1c, D10.4b (Deliverable D10.4b(Technology) Roadmap of the SOCRADES paradigm), D11.2d (Project progress report), D11.3 (Front page, Efforts report, Cost budget report, Form C)


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