Deliverable D1.1 – State of the art – Main document

Friday, April 20, 2007

Deliverable D1.1 is a collection of contributions from the experts involved in the SODRADES project. It provides a snapshot of the state of the art at the beginning of the project, through an overview of technologies and aspects that enable service oriented architectures, with the main focus on networked embedded systems.

Chapter 1 summarises the relevant technologies and the engineering approaches and points out the relevance to SOCRADES.

Chapter 2 provides a description of service oriented architectures, aiming to provide a common understanding of the subject. In all other work packages, this notion of service oriented architecture is the basis for the research and technical work.

After a short historical overview (chapter 3) about smart sensor networks, chapter 4 provides more detailed engineering views of both the control level and the business level. Wireless network engineering is a key technology that introduces specific system requirements and is therefore also included in this chapter.


Christian Diedrich (ifak), Thomas Bangemann (ifak), Francois Jammes (SE), Antoine Mensch (SE), Harm Smit (SE), Axel Bepperling (SE), Martin Strand (ABB), Axel Klostermeyer (Siemens), Oliver Baecker (SAP), Stamatis Karnouskos (SAP), Luciana Moreira Sa de Souza (SAP), Patrik Spiess (SAP), Robert Harrison (Lboro), Radmehr Monfared (Lboro), Mats Lillqvist (FLEX), Jerker Delsing (LTU)

Version: 1.0
SOCRADES-D1.1-Final.pdf (2054 Ko)