Deliverable D1.2 – Requirements of end users, component vendors and systems integrators – Main document

Friday, April 20, 2007

Deliverable D1.2 is intended to lay down the fundamentals for the design of the SOCRADES architecture, its components and characteristics, while investigating potential use cases for networked embedded components and the explanation of a first set of basic requirements visible at this early stage of the project.

Before starting to investigate use cases for networked embedded devices within the annex to D1.2 and referenced within chapter 1, a general guideline for use case definition has been defined.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to requirements specification on distributed smart embedded devices and their use.

To have an overview and an easy approach to find requirements a requirements catalogue (section 3) is placed at the end of the document associated with a section of terms used (section 4) and references (section 5).


Thomas Bangemann (ifak), Francois Jammes (SE), Antoine Mensch (SE), Harm Smit (SE), Fabrice Depeisses (SE), Axel Bepperling (SE), Martin Strand (ABB), Axel Klostermeyer (Siemens), Oliver Baecker (SAP), Stamatis Karnouskos (SAP), Luciana Moreira Sa de Souza (SAP), Patrik Spiess (SAP), Robert Harrison (Lboro), Radmehr Monfared (Lboro), Mats Lillqvist (FLEX), Jerker Delsing (LTU)

Version: 1.0
SOCRADES-D1.2-Final.pdf (667 Ko)