Deliverable D6.1 – Service integration concept for field related data into business processes

Friday, April 20, 2007

The main aim of this deliverable D6.1 is to provide an insight into how one can realise the real-time enterprise via the strong coupling of the enterprise concepts domain and the device level service domain. Nowadays there is a very limited cooperation among the two layers, which in practice translates to weak coupling of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Distributed Control System (DCS). In more detail we focus on the integration of aggregated device-level services with higher-level Web Services and business processes situated at the level of business applications – in particular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – in order to demonstrate seamless integration of device level functionality into higher-order business application scenarios in manufacturing, logistics, or similar areas.

Several business domains are considered, such as business Activity Monitoring, Mobile Equipment Assistance, Maintenance Optimisation, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Customised manufacturing with late freeze, and Automotive domain/ Remote systems. For these domains, the focus is directed on how they could benefit from strong coupling with the device-level service domain and example scenarios are referred to. Subsequently, the document analyses the requirements for distributed smart embedded devices that have to be fulfilled in order to provide the necessary functionality required by the business layer.


Stamatis Karnouskos (SAP), Patrik Spiess (SAP), Luciana Moreira Sa de Souza (SAP), Oliver Baecker (SAP), Antoine Mensch (SE), Günter Starke (APS), Radmehr Monfared (Lboro), Mario Thron (ifak)

Version: 1.0
SOCRADES-D6.1-Final.pdf (3945 Ko)